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Kammy grew up in the great state of Michigan. She was raised by Delos and Kathleen Caruss along side her two sisters Kelly and Kristy. She has owned a web marketing & SEO agency for 14 years.

What I love about Kammy (by Eric)

  • Top thing I love about Kammy is that she is a “Talk-Laugher”. It’s just really fun to have someone so entertained about a conversation they cant help to giggle while talking.
  • Kammy has a wonderful smile and the way she gazes into my eyes.
  • I love that she digs my weird personality and somehow I can always make her smile.
  • She is able to keep the friends she makes, which makes sense how she has them all over the world.
  • Kammy is by far one of the most busiest people I have met. She has so many things going on for her business and her volunteer efforts but never forgets to just sit and relax with me. Often she asks me to join in on the volunteer fun, allowing us to have many great adventures and make friends as a couple.
  • I love her hugs, kisses and the way we hold hands.

Kammy and I have enjoyed so many things together and have so much in common. Everyday it just gets easier with her. Things fall into place and I have never really had to try to impress her. She accepts me for me and I accept her for her. Now we get to share in both the good times and the bad times, but always assured that the both of us have the other to depend on when needed.