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Eric grew up in the great state of California. He was raised by Victor and Eva Pedroza, along side his Uncle Dale and two sisters Lynette and Victoria. He currently works in IT Security at Franklin Templeton Investments in Rancho Cordova near where we live.

What I love about Eric (by Kammy)

  • Eric is smart, assertive, goofy, strong, affectionate, kind, communicative, adorable, considerate, and loving.
  • Eric is high energy and up for anything.
  • Eric is also super calming, which I need when I get wound up.
  • Eric is amazingly patient, something he will need with me.
  • Eric can make friends anywhere, a great trait to have while we travel.
  • Eric loves to go out as much as he loves to stay in.  Its win-win for all scenarios.
  • Eric is more in tune with my thoughts and moods than anyone I have ever known.
  • Eric lets me be me.  He likes that I still go out with my friends, and he doesn’t mind that I have a million business functions and meetings or when I go off gallivanting the world.